Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Special Needs Registry available to residents everywhere?

The Special Needs Registry is only available to those served by the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. You may live anywhere in the City of Santa Clarita or in the County area in the Santa Clarita Valley. Residents of Castaic, Stevenson Ranch and Fair Oaks Ranch may use the Special Needs Registry as long as their residence is served by the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

Who is eligible to have a Special Needs Registry Form?

A person of any age, with any kind of special needs or disability, can be registered if they live an area served by the SCV Sheriff’s Station. Enroll someone in the Special Needs Registry if the Sheriffs and the person would benefit by having essential medical and contact information available in case of an emergency. For example, you may wish to fill out a Registry Form for someone of any age who might wander away from home and have limited ability to help himself or herself.

Does a person in the registry get special treatment from the Sheriffs?

The Special Needs Registry (SNR) does not promise or imply preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The SNR is a tool available to help Sheriffs be prepared and informed in their response to an individual with special needs, to the best of their ability in a given situation. Being part of the SNR has several potential advantages: Sheriffs can get in contact with caregivers quickly, know ways to communicate and relate with the person, and be aware of medical needs. The Sheriffs will already have a picture on file if the person should become lost. They can use SNR information to have an idea of where to look for them.

How is the confidential information I submit protected?

There is no public access of any kind to the information in the Special Needs Registry. When you create a Registry Form you protect it with your user ID and password. Deputies and their supervisors must use a secure password to access registry information. Trusted project administrators who assist with the database have access to the registry using a secure password.

How do I update the information on the special needs registry form?

You can add or change information at anytime. Log in at using your user name and password. Pictures of all the people you have registered will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the EDIT button to see the information you have already entered. Make any needed changes and complete the bottom of the form. Your updates will be recorded instantly in the registry.

How often do I have to update the registry?

It is important for the sheriffs to have the most current information and photograph. It is a good idea to update the registry form anytime a major change happens (medication, residence, school etc). Update photos at least once every two years. Out-of-date registration forms are removed from the database and destroyed after two years.

Do I have any other responsibilities when using the SNR?

It is a great idea to let certain people know that the person is in the registry. For example, if you need to call the SCV Sheriff’s Station for help, be sure to tell the operator that the person is in the Special Needs Registry (SNR). If you are with the person during an encounter with deputies, be sure to tell deputies that the person is part of the SNR. You can add the notation “Special Needs Registry” at the top of your student’s Emergency Cards so that school personnel can notify deputies if need be.

Why does Santa Clarita have a Special Needs Registry and other communities don’t?

A proactive group of community organizations in Santa Clarita came together to form the CLEAR committee, Community and Law Enforcement Aware Response.

Santa Clarita has a special needs registry due to the efforts of the CLEAR partners. Our goal is to increase mutual awareness, understanding and communication between first responders and the special needs community. The Special Needs Registry is CLEAR’s primary project.

Who are the CLEAR partners?

The SCV Special Needs Registry represents a public/private partnership between the City of Santa Clarita, the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department, and the CLEAR Collaborative: community members and organizations working together to improve safety. CLEAR stands for Community and Law Enforcement Aware Response.

CLEAR partners include the City of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, SCV Sheriff’s Foundation, North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Los Angeles County Fire Department, SCV Senior Center, Child & Family Center, William S. Hart Union High School District, SCV Special Education Local Plan Area, AYSO Region 46, Special Olympics Southern California, BE SAFE The Movie, and the Family Focus Resource Center. Other organizations and individuals are invited to join CLEAR and support our efforts. Please contact CLEAR Project Manager Emily Iland, M.A. to join with us, or call 661.297.4205


What if I can’t fill out a registration form online?

For more information or assistance with the SNR please contact Andja Bozic, SNR Project Administrator, at 818-631-0781 or email

If you can’t use a computer to complete the online version of the registry form, there are two other options. Visit the Resources page at . There you will find out a printable version of the Special Needs Registry Form called “SNR Print & Write.” You can print this form, fill it out, attach a photo, and mail it to the project administrator. The data and photo will be entered in the secure database for you.

The other option on the resources page at is a version of the Special Needs Registry Form called “SNR Write & Print.” This is a form you can fill out by typing. Then you print the form, attach a photo, and mail it to the SNR project administrator. The data and photo will be entered in the secure database for you.

To mail in the SNR Print & Write or SNR Write & Print address the envelope like this:
Family Focus Resource Center
Attention Andja Bozic
25360 Magic Mountain Parkway, Suite 150
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Note that if you send in one of these registry forms by mail, you will have to also send in any updates by mail.

¿Que hago si necesito ayuda de alguien de habla hispana?
Si habla español y necesita ayuda con el formulario del Registro de Necesidades Especiales, favor de contactarse con Carmen Díaz de Family Focus Resource Center, 661.294.9715

What if I can’t upload the photograph?

For assistance with this please contact the Andja Bozic, SNR Project Administrator, at 818-631-0781 or email

You can also mail the photograph to the project administrator. Be sure to include the name of the person in the picture. Address the envelope like this:
Family Focus Resource Center
Attention Andja Bozic
25360 Magic Mountain Parkway, Suite 150
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

What is the Special Needs Registry Identification Card?

The registry Identification Card helps the sheriffs know who is in the registry. The card includes identifying and behavior information and main emergency contact. Participants will receive two laminated Special Needs Registry Identification Cards in a card holder by mail at no charge.

Carry one card with you. If the person with special needs carries Registry ID Card, teach them to ask permission before reaching into a pocket to get it out.

Updated ID Cards

You will get a reminder to update the registry info two years after the date you first registered a person. When the two-year update is completed, two copies of the new Registry ID card will be sent to you.

What if I want the registry ID cards mailed to a different address?

Please contact the SNR Project Administrator via email at

What if I update the registry form sooner and need a new Registry ID card?

A new card will only be issued by special request if the person’s address changes or the caregiver contact information changes. Most other changes to the registry form do not affect the information on the card. Contact us at to request a new ID card


All Registry Form submissions are reviewed by the site administrators. Submissions that are not authentic will be deleted.